Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Question, but no answer required

What do you do when the one person that you talk to about everything and is the only person who you would feel comfortable talking to about a certain issue, is the same person that you can't talk to because it concerns them and you don't want to hurt them because it isn't there fault?

*****Update***** Let me clarify that it is nothing bad. I just know my friend, and she would think that she hurt my feelings, which she didn't and that would upset her and I don't want to do that.


Laura~peach~ said...

well, if there is absolutely NO ONE else you can talk to about it then I say pray... pray for them, pray that they have all you want for yourself and of course for the situation what ever it is. then Let God take care of it... but remember that when you give it to God you cant reach in and take control over it you have to let him take care of it. hope that makes sense.
love ya.

Ness said...

Tell it to God. He is able to work things out.

Alice said...

I'm going to jump in with the girls and say pray. HE always has teh right answers.