Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Top 10 of 2010

As the end of the year is quickly approaching, I was reflecting over the past year. There has been the good, bad and ugly this year, as always, but at this time of year I like to look back and count my blessing and focus on the good.

So here is my top 10 of 2010!

10. Another year of school completed. Two more left!

9. My sister being able to make it up twice this year. Since I moved up from FL 3 years ago, I normally only get to see her once a year.

8. Getting to help my friend with his campaign for State House. Even though he didn't win, it was an honor and a lot of fun (and a lot of work) to help a good man run to represent us.

7. I passed my mathametical logic and proof writing class. This had to make the top 10 since I took the class ALL year and it looked like I would have to take it a third time.

6. Although we had some major health issues, everyone is doing ok now.

5. My trip to Savannah in February with Mom. Looking forward to doing the same trip this coming February by myself - I need some time off. The trip is to the All-State Chorus, and I love it.

4. Work! I LOVE my job.

3. My church family! There are too many to mention one by one, but my church family (especially the music ministry) is very dear to my heart.

2. A lot of good times with family and friends. Again too many to mention!

1. We have a new baby in the family. My cousin had her baby girl on December 26th!

What is your top 10 of 2010?

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