Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Resolution

My usual practice is to avoid making New Year's Resolutions like the plaque, but I decided to break my normal practice for 2011. This year my resolution is to pass both sections of the GACE in Secondary Math and both sections in Secondary Business. I HAVE to pass both sections of the GACE in math by the end of year in order to make sure that my internships go as planned, especially if I want to try to finish up a semester early. I only have 10 classes left after this semester, so I could get finished in a year and a half, but about 8 of those are math classes and I really don't want to take 4 math classes at once. It just kind of depends on what type of schedule I can get. For any of it to work though I HAVE to pass the GACE THIS YEAR! So that is my resolution, on top of my classes and everything else to study and pass the GACE in both Business and Math, ideally the 1st time since it cost a $140 per test.

Happy New Year! Tell me your resolution!

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