Monday, December 6, 2010

This past week...the good, the bad and the ugly

This past week as been one heck of a roller coaster ride. I like roller coasters in an amusement park, but in really like - not so much.

Lets start with the ugly and work ourselves up to the good so we end on a high note!

On Monday I get to my math class, after working all day, and find out that a member of my group cheated on our group project. The directions very clearly stated that you couldn't talk to anyone except the members of your group for help. Well it seems that someone in my group ignored this piece of information and either shared our work or copied another group's work before submitting our assignment.

On Tuesday, I get an e-mail from my professor around 6:00 that I have until 3:30 the next day to re-do the assignment by MYSELF and turn it in. It took me a week to do it the first time, so needless to say I was super stressed. We had rehearsal for our Kidz Choir program that night and I got the e-mail as I got to the church. In a way having rehersal made it worse, because I needed all of the time that I could get to work on the assignment, however really I was glad that I had rehearsal that night. I had a major melt-down that night, it was all just getting to be too much for me hold in, and I was glad that I was with my friends. My friends are amazing!

Wednesday I somehow managed to get something together to turn in, just to find out later that she might not count it after all. Today was my final exam, I was so mad that I wasn't going to even bother showing up but I did. I didn't want her to be able to say that quit. No matter what happens I can honestly say that i did my best and that I finished the class with integrity. If I fail the class, the I fail but I can look at myself in the mirror at night and know that I did what was right and that is the most important thing.

Well that was the bad and ugly lets get onto the good.

Last night was our Kidz Choir musical. They did WONDERFUL!! We had rehearsal on Tuesday night and dress rehearsal Saturday. I was still a little nervous, but last night it all came together. God touched it and in turn touch everyone there. Tonight is the band concert at the school where I sub all of the time ( is the school that I work at - I don't feel like a sub there and they don't treat me like a sub). So I'm going to help the band director with that. Tomorrow night is our Ladies Christmas Dinner, and I'm at my best friend's table so that promises to be a wonderful night. Wednesday night is church as usual, which is always a blast. Thursday I'm helping my friend give out the stuff from her fundraiser. Friday is our Worship Arts Christmas Party/rehearsal with dress rehearsal on Saturday. Sunday is our BIG Christmas program at church. Promises to be another busy week. At least school is finished. Now I can just work, which I LOVE, and do my church stuff - which I also LOVE!!!

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