Sunday, November 28, 2010

School and other stuff

Well school is almost finished for the semester. I have one test left in the class that I HATE a week from today and then I will be finished with another semester. Unfortunately for me finals exams always hit in the fall just as the Christmas Season is getting started and I'm swamped. In this class, which this is my second time taking, only 5 people out of 25 ever pass the test and I'm never one of the five - hence the reason that I hate the class. I have a small chance of passing the class this semester, it all depends on how I do on this last test, and if I don't I will be taking the class for a THIRD time. However I know people who are in the math honor society who have had to take this class 4+ times to pass - so it is normal although ridiculous. I just hope I manage to get out of the class, I need a C and it I somehow manage that I'm going to take it and run for the hills.

It is starting to feel more like winter up here. We are getting down into the low 30s now on a regular basis and with the windchill the 20s. This morning I had to break out my heavy coat for the first time this year , it might have been a little to heavy but my other jacket was way to light.

Now that the Sunday after Thanksgiving has passed, we are officially into the Christmas season at church. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this time of year. It is crazy, as I mentioned in my last post, but so much fun. I find myself coming to my blog, not to update - even though I need to do that more and even though I check on all of you not necessarily to do that either, just to minimize it in the background because I love the Christmas music that I have on here.

Have a good Sunday. I know that I am - I'm spending my evening working with our Kidz Choir. They are so much fun!

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Laura~peach~ said...

have a great day /night and so praying for that C ... i so understand thegrab and run thought!