Friday, November 26, 2010

Time for Christmas

Well I only made it 17 days of my Thanksgiving post and most of them I did in one day. Oh well, it was more of an exercise for me to remember my blessings than anything else. I'm just not a daily blogger.....maybe I should change the title of my blog then though since this is no longer an account of my daily life, more like my once a month life. One of the issues is that "my daily life" is rather boring...I'm either going to class, work or church most days. That is basically my life. I wouldn't have it any other way, well except for this one class that is driving my completely crazy.

The next two weeks are going to be a wonderful, busy, exhausting but fun time. I printed out my schedule for Mom so that she would know when I would be home for dinner and it is only 5 times in the next two weeks and only twice will I be eating with the family (Grandma has to eat by 5:30 - so the other three time I get home after dinner and will eat leftovers). Our Kidz Choir Christmas program is a week from Sunday, our Adult Choir's Christmas program is the following week, and the school concert is the day after the adult program. In between there is rehearsals, lots of rehearsals; the town Christmas parade and lighting of the Christmas Tree, which my church choir is singing at; Christmas parties and final exams (the only non-fun thing on the list).

Tomorrow we start decorating the house for Christmas...traditionally we do that today, but Momma had to work and she is picky. Today, I decorated the blog and got my Christmas music going.

Although I'm looking forward to the holiday season, my heart is heavy. I hurt for Hallie, John, Conner and the rest of their family as they face their first Christmas without CJ. I also have a IRL friend who's infant granddaughter passed away just before Thanksgiving due to complications from an early delivery, my heart breaks for their loss. Also remember the members of our armed forces, like Michael (Ness' son) who are spending this holiday season away from their families to protect our freedom, not only their sacrifice but that of their families as well. As you gather with your family and friends to celebrate this Christmas, take a moment to count your blessing and remember those who wish they could be with their loved ones.


Alice said...

Sounds like you're going to be crazy the next few weeks! Glad you're back to blogging...I've been sporadic, too, but working on getting better.

We're decorating today. Can't wait!

Laura~peach~ said...

like the decor... and dont change ANYTHING and ... your daily (so called boring) life is something we the readers lie to hear about... so there:)
Love ya

Laura~peach~ said...

LIKE not lie... sigh typo hell here