Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Long Time - No Post

I know that it has been forever since I posted. This summer was a bit crazy! If you follow me on facebook then you have already heard most of this. This summer, once again, I took 3 classes. This time though I only took two math classes, my third was an education class. Over all the my summer semester went well and I finished once again with an A, B & C. I got an A in my education class, B in Discrete Math and a C in Prob/Stats (which I took in 4 weeks - killer)!

I also spent a lot of time this summer helping a friend run for State House. Unfortunately, he lost the run off due to some dirty tricks by his opponent. It was interesting to experience the political world from that side of things. I will say one thing for sure, helping out with the campaign just straighten my opinion that everyone needs to do their research well and get the facts and then get out and VOTE!!!

Well school is back in session! I'm back subbing 3 days a week and if I'm not subbing usually I'm working with my friend again this year. I LOVE IT!!! I can't wait to start teaching. My college classes are in full swing also. I was going to take 4 classes this fall, 3 being math classes, however after a lot of though, with Mom & Dad being sick, I decided to only take 3 classes this fall -- 2 math classes and a psychology class. With all of the stress at home and trying to work, I was making myself sick trying to take the load that I was. It pushes back me finishing a semester, but it also means that I won't be killing myself in the process. That was an extremely hard decision for me to make, I'm use to going full out and getting things done...but I finally realized that it won't do me any good to push that hard and make myself so sick that I can't finish anyway.

Have a good day!! I will try to post more often - TRY being the key word!!!


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