Tuesday, July 27, 2010

On the Campaign Trail

The past couple month, but especially the past couple of weeks, I have been on the campaign trail. No, I'm not running for office. However, I have had the honor of supporting a friend and his wife as he runs for the State of Georgia House of Representatives. I know them both pretty well. His wife was one of the first people that I met when I moved to Cartersville. When I first moved up I was singing alto in the choir (now I sing soprano) and use to sit by her in choir. She also invited me to participate in a bible study that she was leading at church and I got to know her even better that summer though the study. At that point I was still looking for a Sunday School class and went to the class that her husband taught. After being in his class for over two years, I can honestly say I don't know of anyone else I would rather have in the State House. When you live life with people on a weekly basis, you get to know their true character. Anyone can put on a front for a little while, but after a while that front starts to crack and you get to see the truth. This is why I have been on the campaign trail. I decided to not only vote at the polls, but to vote with my actions and get involved. I don't like what I see happening in our country and in our schools, but I also feel that if you don't do something about it then you are also part of the problem.

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