Thursday, July 22, 2010

Finals and Big Decision - Input requested

Well it is final exam time. One tonight, which I'm not that worried about, and one on Monday, which is freaking me out big time.

Other than school, which by far is the majority of my time, I have been helping a friend with his campaign for Georgia House, District 14. He is a wonderful man and our state will benefit having him in office, so it has been a pleasure to help him. Unfortunately I haven't had much time to lend my support, but he is in a run-off now and since school is almost finished for the summer I hope that I can help out more.

Now for the big decision. After fall, assuming that I pass everything, I will have 11 classes to finish and my two internships in order to graduate. What I need to figure out, is how do I want to do them. I'm taking 4 classes in the spring, I have to remain a full-time student, so that leaves 7. Option #1: I can do 1 in a mini-semester, 3 in the summer, 1 in the second mini-semester and one with each internship and still graduate when I planned. However I'm afraid that type of schedule will kill me (I already have a friend who keeps telling me that I'm killing myself with stress as it is)!!! There is one class that I HAVE to take in a mini-semester, so I know that I will be doing at least one mini-semester. Option #2: is just to move the second mini-semester to the first mini-semester or summer 1 the following year and I will still graduate by the end of May or June to be able to apply for jobs. Option #3: is to say heck with trying to rush through it all, give myself a break and take 4 classes in the spring, 3 over the summer (including the mini-semester, 4 in fall, 1st internship in Spring 2012, take summer 2012 off (I won't know what to do with myself - maybe I can find a job, even if it is temp work) and then graduate Fall of 2012. That might make it harder to find a job, but I could do long term subbing or work at a place like Silvan Learning Centers. In and all input would be appreciated. I really leaning toward option 2, it seems like that will give me the best chance to get a job and not kill myself while doing it.

Hopefully after Monday I can get back to updating on a somewhat normal basis.


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