Thursday, February 28, 2008

Well it is Thursday

My Dad had a doctor's appointment yesterday and was diagnoised with sleep apnea (sp?). They told him that during the night of his sleep study that he stopped breathing 40 times. The doctor said that this could be the cause of is lack of energy, his O2 level being so low, part of his memory problems and compound other issues he is facing. Monday night he goes back for another sleep study for them to try him on the machine and to see how he does with that. We know that this won't fix everything, but hopefully it will give him back some quality of life. It was a real answer to prayer to find this, becuase it is something that we can treat.

Hope you are all doing well.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Yeah for apnea!! Is that wierd to say? I'm just glad they think they might be figuring this out.

40 times? Good lord! No wonder he't lethargic and tired!


Ness said...

OMG--my husband has this. Before he was diagnosed, he fell asleep all the time, was lethargic, etc. He has been on a CPAP machine at night for the last 5 years and it has made a new man out of him. He can't sleep without it.

Thanks for the congrats on the truck and your continued prayers for Kathy and the boys. Will keep your dad in my prayers

Kellan said...

WEll, that is pretty good news, because they can do things for that! I'm glad to hear they have identifed it and are going to try the machine - it should really help! Take care - Kellan

girlymom said...

Sounds weird to say it, but that is really great news! Hopefully the rest of the testing will go well and he will be able to get some rest. And I thought waking up with a baby 4-5 times was disruptive sleep!

peach said...

before I was diagnosed with apnea i was stopping breating each second... it was unreal the way the described it to me was I was working harder to breath when sleeping that if I were to dig a well by hand as fast as possible... I have been on my Cpap for the last 5 years this summer and I can tell you that your dad will feel so much better ... be forewarned that getting used to the mask can be an adventure... Mine made many trips across the room in the first few weeks but now, I don't even want an afternoon nap with out my machine. The black circles under my eyes has all but left me Unless my allergies are really bad and you are in Georgia so make sure that the machine he finally gets has a humidfying chamber on it with a heater... sometimes our air is so dry especially in the winter when heaters are running ... it will make a HUGE difference in how his nose and throat feel and make adjusting to the machine easier.
Ps any questions please feel free to ask i am a HUGE apnea / Cpap advocate!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Are YOU the very kind Steph that gifted Shmoops with a Commissary Gift Certificate? Did you do that? :)