Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Catching Up

For the most part I'm settled in. I have my computer station, TV & DVD set-up. My car is pretty well unloaded execpt for the trunk and everything is slowly finding a home. Since the basement of the house isn't heated (that is where my desk and room are located) I have a space heater in my room and an electric blanket on the couch in my TV/computer area. Still looking for a job, but I have gotten some good leads.

Dad isn't doing well. The past few days he has been just exhaused and he has no energy. He has another doctor's appointment on Monday to see what is going on.



Ness said...

Steph, thanks for stopping by. I love the quote you wrote. I've been catching up on your blog and wanted to let you know that your dad is in my prayers. Exhaustion and memory probs is a part of the fibromyalgia I deal with. Also on the job front, are there any temp agencies in your area like Adecco or Manpower or Extra Help? My daughter just got a job Monday through Extra Help and they are hiring her full time today. A lot of times the temp jobs turn into full time jobs because once they see you can do the work, they want to keep you. I will add a job for you to my prayers. Now if I can only get the other child employed(it's been 6 months since they moved from VA to IL) Take cdare.

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Will keep your Dad in my thoughts. Glad to hear you have a few job leads. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!


Kellan said...

So glad you are getting settled in. I'm sorry your dad isn't feeling well - I will keep him in my prayers. Stay warm and I'll see you soon. Kellan

Lizzy in the Burbs said...

Hi, Steph!

I hope one of the leads turns into the real deal and you land that new job! It will happen soon!

I'm glad to hear your dad is going to the doctor on Mon., hopefully they can do something, or give him something that will make him feel more comfortable. It's hard when someone else is sick, to gage what is going on with them sometimes, and it can be kind of scary not knowing what to do. You're doing a great job just by being there with him, listening to him. I'm sure he appreciates it more than you can know. Don't forget to take care of yourself, too, that's important! Hugs!