Sunday, February 17, 2008

Looking for a job

Usually I wouldn't post about this, but I could really use your prayers. I have been unemployed since October 1st of last year, due to a layoff from a well known copier company. I was looking for a job in Tampa without much luck, which is one of the reasons I moved among many more. Now I live outside of Atlanta, and even though I’ve been looking up here for awhile (long before I moved up here) I still haven’t found a job. It is getting really frustrating to say the least. So if anyone knows of anyone hiring in the Atlanta area I would love any leads.

Also thank you for the concern about my Dad. Unfortunately his disease isn’t something that will get better; in fact it will get worse over time. We are trying to find some sort of treatment to help minimize the effects of the disease. He is having memory test, sleep test and a swallow test this week. It is hard to watch him like this. This is a man that use to work all day and then work on building a car late into the night. Now he doesn’t have the energy to do much anymore.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Doing the HOPE YOU GET A JOB dance. Hang in there.

Still loving the doggies pics!

Hallie :)

Lizzy in the Burbs said...

Hi, Steph!

The job market is really rough right now, it seems like everywhere. I think companies are nervous about the economy, etc. Have you tried an employement agency? Sometimes they have leads that you don't know about via the want ads, etc. Also, have you considered a temporary position? I know that's not ideal, but it might help out in the meantime until something permanent comes along. It can be so frustrating, but try and stay positive. Something will open up!

I'm so sorry about your dad. It's really hard when a loved one is going through an illness like this. Just your being there for him, letting him know that you love him, really is helping him. Sometimes it's the smallest things, just holding his hand, that bring comfort.

Take care. I'll keep you all in my prayers!


dlyn said...

Praying a job comes through for you soon. Your dogs are so cute!

Q's NEWS said...

Hi - I came across your blog from another blog (I can't remember which one - oops) and just wanted to stop by and say hello.

Good luck on the job hunting and your dad will definitely be in my prayers!!!

You would hate it here in West Virginia - we are going to get about 3 inches of snow tonight and the low is in the teens - YUK! Even I don't like it here right now!!!

Have a great day!
Susan in WV

Pam said...

Just checking in to see how you are getting settled. Hope things are looking up down there!
The dogs are really cute