Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Rhea Turns 1

On May 9th, Rhea turned 1 year old!  My little munchkin is growing up so fast!!  We celebrated her birthday at the end of the month when Mom & I got out of school (Mom is now a school nurse and loves it).  I know it is now the middle of July but I have been super busy getting ready for the next school year, I will be teaching technology this year!!  Looking forward to it, but I have had a ton to get ready!!

Sleeping Beauty

Sharing Mommy's lemonade the day of her party!!

Playing with her balloons

She didn't like her party hat!

Just the start of her smash cake
Enjoying her cake!!!

What is wrong with putting cake in my ear?
Her 1st birthday picture in her birthday dress!!!   
 The following picture was taken before her birthday, but it was a really special photo even though she didn't like the photographer!  The dress she is wearing was made by my great-grandmother.  We have pictures of me and my sister in the dress when we were each about Rhea's age.  It is so neat to have pictures of her in the dress also.  My sister is getting a side-by-side frame and having the picture of her and Rhea both in the dress!
I was plotting my get away!!!  Granny made this dress for Aunt Stephie, it is my turn to wear it now!!!

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