Saturday, January 11, 2014

Christmas review & Happy New Year

This year was a different Christmas, we went to Tampa instead of having my sister and brother-in-law come up here.  By far though the biggest difference was having Rhea!!!  She made Christmas so much more fun.
Aunt Stephie and I!! I was so excited to spend time with her!!

Rhea's first trip to see Santa!!!
Christmas morning!!!

Christmas wonder

Opening gifts with Mommy!
Opening gifts is hard work!!
Playing in my Discovery Garden!  Thank you Mommy & Daddy!!


Playing with Aunt Stephie's cell phone, better known to me as a "glow box"!  I love the giggle app!!!

Deciding to chew on the "glow box"!!!

 On New Year's Day we went to the Outback Bowl and the night before we took Rhea to the parade.  She was a hit!  She was the cutest LSU fan there!!  Everyone was talking to her and she racked up on the beads!!

On my way to the parade!!  Everyone said I was so cute!!

Me and Mommy at the parade!
Me and the LSU drum major!  Mommy is hoping I will play in the band one day!!!
The game!  It was raining, but we still had so much fun!!

We Won!!!

Hope you and you family have a wonderful and blessed New Year!!!

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Ness said...

Rhea is adorable! Thanks for sharing