Saturday, March 23, 2013

Showering Rhea

I spent last weekend in Tampa, FL with my Mom to surprise my sister with a baby shower for her baby girl.  Rhea Isis Adkins is suppose to be around May 9th and this past weekend was all about getting ready for her arrival.

Presents for Rhea

Cake made by Mom, along with the chocolate butterflies

Food Table

Hand dipped chocolate strawberries, chocolate covered cookies with home molded chocolate baby booties and butterflies.

 Emergency chocolate (if you are noticing a chocolate theme you would be correct, chocolate and melted cheese (like grilled cheese, cheese dip, macaroni and cheese, ect) are the two things she craves.)



The one shower game that Lisa kind of liked, we all wrote late night diapers for her.

Lisa and Roy opening gifts.  Lisa is putting the "octopus" bow on top of her husband's head!

 Rhea's room

It was a great weekend!  After our surprise shower on Saturday we were able to go to their work (they work at the same place) shower on Sunday.   Rhea now has her crib, which was her Christmas gift from Grandma and Grandpa and will turn into her big girl bed when she is ready, her pack and play with her bassinet, her high chair which will do everything but feed her, her swing and baby bag all from family.  Lisa also got a video baby monitor with night vision from her team at work.  Not to mention that Rhea now has the majority of her wardrobe for the first 9 months of her life.  My aunts also sent her all of her bedding (butterflies) and she also got her hamper and lamp to match her the bedding.  Now all we need is for Rhea to make her arrival, but not to soon!!!

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Ness said...

Glad you got to make the shower. Enjoyed the pics. Babies are so much fun to their Aunties!