Monday, February 13, 2012

The Chill Zone

This Saturday was The Chill Zone at my church. The Chill Zone is a day long VBS of sorts for K - 5th grade students. The kids arrive at 10:00 in the morning and do a variety of different activities until 6:00 that evening, it is a LONG day!!! The music was lead by Jeff Slaughter, the guy who writes all of the music for the VBS curriculum we use, and the kids had a blast with him.
These first two pictures are during the music when Jeff invited all the kids that wanted to, which was the majority, to come on stage with him. He did music from last years VBS, which our kids knew inside out since we did the musical and they did it at VBS. What amazes me is that the little girl was one of my Puggles (2 year olds) when I was leading AWANA and now she is in Kindergarten and I'm working with her again. The little boy is one of my pastor's kids and he is in the second grade and is one of my Kidz Choir kids. I love these kids like they were my own!!!

This last picture is of the alter time we had. Jeff invited the children to come down if they wanted and to just pray and worship. Those children but us adults to shame, the flood the alter in true worship and prayer as they went down mostly by themselves or with a friend to lift their sweet hearts up to God! It was such a moving site.

Unfortunately the weather wanted to play a part in our day and it was freezing! The kids were greeted at The Chill Zone with snow flurries! We had to move rec inside because it was so cold out. Due to the fast and drastic change in weather I'm sick again with a sinus infection and very sore throat and I'm back on an antibiotic. I have a dear friend who has strep, but my doctor didn't think it was that, plus he said with the antibiotic for my sinus infection if it is strep it should knock it out anyway.

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