Saturday, January 28, 2012

Freedom Weekend

This weekend I have had the wonderful opportunity to work with out youth at church for Freedom Weekend! Freedom Weekend is what we call our discipleship now program! Youth get together from Friday night through Sunday after church for a weekend of worship, bible study and mission work. I'm working as a decision counselor and helped with registration last night. It is awesome to watch a bunch of youth give up a weekend to spend some intense time with God. The weekend's theme is "Pause" about taking time from the busyness of life to focus on God. I think it is a message that we all need!! I know that I do! :-)

Dad isn't doing well. He had to go to the doctor this week for blood work and an ultrasound of his liver. He is having reactions to "something" and we are trying to figure out what the "something" is. He got bit by a tick so one thing that they are checking for Lyme disease. He has a couple of spots on his arms that look like ringworm, but it isn't. He is also having more issues with his memory, which I know is to be expected, and just seems to be going downhill quickly.

I guess that is all for now!!

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