Saturday, January 14, 2012

All Night Long

There are only a couple of things that will keep me up all night!

  1. Being so sick/hurt that I can't sleep - I don't like this one but it will keep me up.
  2. Needing to stay up with a hurt friend or family member!!! I don't like this one much either because I don't like seeing loved ones hurt, but I do this gladly!!!
  3. Relay for Life! I LOVE this event. I think the reason that I love this event is because I HATE cancer and what it does to families and this is an event to eliminate it!!!!
  4. My friend's chorus Lock-In!

Number 4 is what kept me up last night! I got to spend about 8 hours (10 with set up and clean up) with 42 middle school students. They played on an inflatable obstacle course and laser tag maze, had funny contest like sleeping bag races, potato sack races (using sleeping bags), funny hat and sock contest and because this is a chorus lock-in we also have a talent show and a impersonate the teacher (my favorite because she is my best friend) contest. For the most part though, they just hung out together and had fun and so did the adults.

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Laura~peach~ said...

i loved lock ins at church when i was a kid :) sounds like tons of fun!!!!