Thursday, April 28, 2011

Weather and Kidz Choir

I know that those two things are related, but they are the two major things going on around here right now.

As most of you probably already know, we had some major storms roll though the south recently. In my area we had a couple of tornadoes touch town, especially in the northern area of the county. Where I am is fine, but the areas hardest hit are where "my" (I'm still spending most of my time subbing at the same middle school - so I claim those kids as my own) students live. School has been canceled for today and tomorrow, so I haven't gotten to check on many of them yet and I'm just praying that they are all safe. I grew up in hurricane land, New Orleans and Ft. Myers, so I'm use to bad weather and usually it doesn't freak me out. Last night though freaked me out, I could hear the storm down in the basement in my bedroom which is about 8 feet under ground and is in the back corner of the house away from everything with two cement walls - I never hear anything in my room except for the dogs running across the ceiling. Dad went outside once and said that while he was out the wind stopped completely, he said that if you dropped a feather it would have fallen straight down to your feet, for one solid minute and then immediately picked back up to 45 miles an hour. There was a large enough tornado in the area that it sucked in all of the air around it. The only time I have ever seen anything like that before was in the eye of a hurricane. Like I said it freaked me out!!!!! Enough of all of that!!!

Now on to the fun stuff...KIDZ CHOIR!!!!!!!!!!!!! This Sunday is our Kidz Choir musical. We are doing the musical for this year's VBS "Big Apple Adventure". It is about a group of kids who go on a mission trip to do a VBS in a neighborhood in New York, and about a New York kids who comes to check out what is going on and his change of heart! The kids are doing a wonderful job! In addition to doing their musical Sunday night, they are singing in "big" church on Sunday morning. Every Sunday, in addition to a typical Sunday School program, we do Children's Church. The kids have their own time of worship and lessons designed especially for their age range (since we have two hours, our K-2 do Children's Church 1st hour and Sunday School 2nd and our 3 - 5 do Sunday School 1st and Children's Church 2nd). Sometimes they don't like going to "big" church with their parents, they love when they can go down for something special. It is going to be a fun weekend!!!

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