Saturday, August 15, 2009

The beginning of fall

For me fall doesn't start when the air turns cooler or the leaves start changing colors, until last year I never experienced any of that anyway. In Florida you have only two seasons for the most part, hot and extra hot. For me fall starts when school starts, so it is already fall. School started here on August the 6th for our public schools and my fall semester at KSU started today.

So far it seems that this semester is going to be a lot "easier" than this past summer. I'm taking a World Lit class, and even though I have a lot of reading to do I don't have any papers. YES!!! I HATE with a passion having to write papers. I don't mind essay test or short essays, but 4 - 5 page papers on book or anything for that matter is just torture for me. I'm also taking an education class, which also meet today, and that seems to be pretty straight forward. The majority of the grade is based on field experience and although my subbing doesn't count (you can't be paid) there won't be much that I haven't seen or heard before since I'm in the schools all of the time. Monday will be Geometry and Solar System Science. This semester is a more balanced semester by a long shot.

Other than that I have been busy helping a dear friend in her classroom. I feel very blessed to have her as a friend and I'm so glad that I can help her.

Enjoy the rest of you week!!

PS. What do you think of the new blog layout? Just trying something different to change it up a bit!


Ness said...

I like the blog decor. I'm so OCD that I have to wait until the first official day of Fall in September to start celebrating. Can't wait to get my Fall decorations out and the weather be cool enough for a sweatshirt at a football game. Have a great semester!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

sounds like a much better school load this summer was insane!!!! i miss your pictures on your header but i am the sort that its your blog if it makes you happy then i am pleased as punch!
love n hugs