Saturday, August 8, 2009

Back in town and running like crazy!

I just got back from my week in New Orleans. I had a wonderful time visiting family. I was able to go down by our family camp grounds and see all of the new camps that are being built. My family had decided not to rebuild for a number of reasons. It was fun while it lasted and we have some great memories of spending family time down there, but even if we did rebuild it wouldn't be the same. Saturday I spent the day in the French Quarter with my two aunts and had a blast. I love getting to spend time with them. Sunday we went to my Aunt Melva & Uncle Larry's house on the north shore. They are out in a rural area and don't have cable or internet yet, so we had a great time just talking and playing games. Wonderful family time!!!

For those of you who didn't catch the update on facebook, I finished my first semester successfully. I got a A in Stats, a B in Math for Middle Grades and Secondary Teachers and a C in Calculus. My Fall semester starts next Saturday. I'm taking Critical and Contemporary Issues in Education, World Lit (those are my two Saturday classes), Geometry & Solar System Science (Monday & Wednesday). Hopefully this semester will not be as overwhelming since the classes are so different.

Public school started here on Thursday. I haven't started to sub yet (it is highly discouraged for teachers to miss the first couple of days), I have been back at one of the middle schools helping out a dear friend (it just so happens that she works at the school I like the best) the past three days and if I don't get a job for Monday I will be back in her class again. I will be subbing on the days that I don't have class myself so it is going to be a busy year.

Hope you are all doing well. Keep Ness' daughter, KJ, in your prayers. That poor girls has a rough time with some major health issues, especially for someone so young.

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