Saturday, April 18, 2009

Didn't get good news!!

Now before anybody flips out, I'm not talking about medical stuff for once. This is about school! I went and meet with my adviser for the first about two weeks ago (I know, I'm behind on posting - bad Steph) at KSU to figure out what classes I need to take and everything to get my certification. Well I was planning on 1 year of classes and 1 year of student teaching and then I would be finished and could be in a classroom teaching in two years. Well that isn't what is happening. I found out that at a minimum I have 2.5 years of school ahead of me, 1.5 years of classes and 1 year of student teaching, and that is only if I manage to take 5 classes a semster. I have 8 classes out of 25 that aren't somehow related to math or science, which basically means I have a kick-butt couple of years ahead of me with the classes that I have to take. Of course, I will be doing all of this while working as well.

I think that catches you up. I'm busy studying Calculus for this summer. I have a bunch of stuff to review so that I don't look stupid in there. The last math class I took was 13 years ago and I have forgotten everything.



kim-d said...

Oh yeah, Steph...I can relate! With a double major, I will not be graduating in December, but we gotta do what we gotta do to make ourselves as marketable as possible, right? Even if it takes a while longer. These are the times when we HAVE to remember that "God's time" is better than our own. :)

Ness said...

it seems like a long time now but once you get started it will simply fly! you will do proud of what you're doing for your career.