Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wasn't as bad as I thought

Well the Ladies Conference was wonderful. Unfortuntaly I don't have any pictures because I forgot my camera at home. The weather didn't turn out to be as big of a factor as I thought it would. When they said they were doing a cook-out at a shelter at a state park, I thought of the shelters like we had in Florida with a big bonfire area and everything was all open. That isn't what we had here, the "shelter" was just a big open room that we set up tables and chairs in and it had a gas fireplace on one end and most important HEAT. We used a smore maker to make our smores and had a fire going in the fire place. It was a wonderful weekend.

Grandma came home yesterday from rehab. Unfortuntaly she got sick to her stomach as soon as we finished dinner. We think that was mostly because she ate more than she is use to right now. Grandma didn't like the food in the hospital or rehab place, so she didn't eat much of anything for the past 3.5 weeks. Last night she had soup, grilled cheese, and homemade bread, which is a lot when you are use to eating very lightly.

We have had snow here for the past two days. Not enough for it to stick, execpt on my car, but enough for it to get the kids all wound up. Just north of here though they had to close school because they got so much snow. Mind you this is Georgia so a lot of snow here wouldn't be a lot to say Hallie & Kimmy in Maine.

Have a good day!!!


Laura ~Peach~ said...

how totally cool that the conference was "inside" I am glad that it all went well... snowed here yesterday too not any stickage and was fun to watch it come down but when the snow stopped the temps dropped to brutally cold ... ack I am ready to be complaing about the heat and humidity already!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Have a I ever told you how much I hate snow? :)