Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas Memories - Part 2

When I was very little my Father's side of the family would come over to my grandparent’s house on my Mother's side, this was of before the divorce of course, and we would all have Christmas Dinner. After the divorce, on Christmas Eve night or Christmas morning (most of the time on Christmas Eve night) either Mom would pick us up from my Maw-Maw & Paw-Paw's house or somebody would drop us off at Mom's house so that we would be home for Santa in the morning. On Christmas morning my sister and I would wake up excited to see what Santa brought us. Our rule was we were able to open our stockings and then we had to wait on Mom to get up. That always seemed to work because we would be having so much fun in the living room that she would hear us and wake-up anyway. Once Mom was up and we had finished opening up our Santa gifts Grandma & Grandpa would come down for Christmas Breakfast of home-made Cinnamon Rolls, scrambled eggs, bacon, the works. The we would open gifts at our house. Later that afternoon we would go down the block to Grandma & Grandpa’s and open gifts down there (no use hauling them down the street) and we would have Christmas Dinner there. Mom & Grandma would both fix both meals, but this way there was less mess in the kitchen. We did it this way until Mom, Dad, Lisa & I moved to Florida.

Once we moved to Florida the general idea stayed the same with some minor changes. We still did Christmas Eve with my Father’s side of the family and Christmas Day with Mom’s. The only difference is that my sister and I would fly in as soon as school got out and would spend the entire two weeks in New Orleans. The only thing that really changed was instead of bouncing back and forth between 3 houses, we just bounced back in forth between two. We went to New Orleans every year for Christmas until we were in high school.

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