Monday, September 29, 2008

Crazy, Crazy, Crazy

That is how I would describe this past week, but it was so much fun. Last week I subbed everyday, twice at and elementary school in 3rd grade, once in middle school for 7th grade special ed, and once in high school math. I never felt so stupid as I did in the high school math class, I could not remember a darn thing and I had a math minor in college (for fun even). What they say is true, if you don't use it you lose it - and I haven't used Algebra in at least 10 years or so when I took my last math class in college.

I had today off, I had to work on getting my private medical insurance taken care of. At the end of the month (as in tomorrow) I will lose my insurance that I had as part of my severance package from when I was laid off.

Well I got to go and get some rest, I'm doing middle school special ed again tomorrow.

Have a great day!!!!

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Ness said...

Steph, glad you're working and happy. Remember what I told you to be careful what you ask for? lol I haven't had time to think about my Fall banner...maybe this weekend. Take care and thanks for the phone calls.