Saturday, September 13, 2008

An Addition to the 100th post

There was one part of my 100th post that I left out. I felt that I need to say that one of the reasons that I started a blog and meet all of you wonderful people was because of Hallie over at the Wonderful World Wieners. I found Hallie's blog when she posted a comment about CJ on Jake Rayborn's caringbridge site and wanted to check it out because I have a family member in the Air Force. I started to read it every day and then through the comments got to know other bloggers and decided to start my own. It is such a small world in a way.



Laura ~Peach~ said...

yeah its ALL hallies fault LOL... isnt she just too much fun! I wish I could remember how I stumbled onto her site !
I am sure I found yours or you found mine through hers!
Hugs laura

jojo said...

I just came here by way of Ness' site which I found through Hallie. Hallie connected to everyone?? Congrats on your 100th post. I'll have some catching up to do. Nice to meet you Steph. Love the fall just beautiful. Love this time of year! Have a good weekend.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...


I am so glad you found me which i nturn helped you find so many awesome bloggers. Can't believe how fast we've all become connected but I'm thrilled we have.

Hallie :)

Kimmy said...

It really is a small world...