Friday, August 22, 2008

OK, I know, I know that I have to get better about posting....

Sorry that I have once again let another week slip by between post. Needless to say it has been super crazy around here. Mom & Dad were in Ft. Myers last week and had to play the age old game of leaving Florida before it gets hit by a hurricane. That is always an exciting time, NOT!!!! The good news is that they did get to have dinner with my sister and brother-in-law on the way down & back up. Other than the fact that Fay wanted to visit the Sunshine State it was a good trip for them.

For me this week has been good, but nuts at the same time. Monday I did some volunteer work in the morning at church and Monday night I had a meeting to go to. Tuesday I was officially processed into the Bartow County School System as a substitute teacher. Now I'm just waiting for my background check to come back and I will be all set there. Wednesday I spent the day getting ready for our first official night of AWANA. I teach the 2 year old group, called Puggles, and since last week's registration we went from 8 Puggles to 11 Puggles. I have to add that NONE of them are potty trained yet either, but a couple are int he middle of potty training. Needless to say it was quite and adventure. Tomorrow I have a wedding to go to for a friend from choir. Plus not to mention I have been applying to different jobs in the school system, while getting my certification I want work as a paraprofession (teacher's assistant), and getting everything ready to go back to school.

This week, and I'm sure even more so next week, is hitting me kind of hard. You see on the 28th of August was the date that I walked out of Xerox for the last time. Hence it also markes the 1 year mark since I have worked. I know, I KNOW everything will work out the way in should in God's timing, but I'm not a very patient person and this is hard. So please bear with me if I'm not supper chipper these next few day. I promise I will get back to my old self soon enough.

Have a good weekend!!!


Laura ~Peach~ said...

everything will work out for you Hang in there! HUGS Laura

Ness said...

Hang in there Steph! If God can get the Army to pay Michael correctly twice in a row, your job is just around the corner. Good luck with the Puggles!

Kimmy said...

Hang in there Steph!


kim-d said...

The Puggles? Oh, how cute is that! Puggle puppies are rather cute, too :)!

I'm the same way when anniversaries of important events roll around. I will join everyone else and say, hang in there and everything will be fine (just as you know it will). But I would also like to say this. Whatever your feelings are around this upcoming anniversary? You go right ahead and feel them. And whine, cry, gnash your teeth, do whatever you feel like doing. Because, in my opinion, that's all part of really and completely getting past it. You just don't have to put on a brave face! Especially when you have so many good things ahead that you know things are looking up! Okay, end of Mom-type lecture now. BWAHAHAHA!

When I'm going through "stuff", I also find that blogging incessantly helps. :)