Saturday, August 2, 2008

My Family - we keep the medical field in business

I have often blogged about the medical issues that are going on with my Dad, Mom & Grandma. Mostly Dad & Grandma, because it seems that we always have something going on there. However this trait seems to run through the entire family. In early September Mom is going to have to have foot surgery. Even though I hope to be working by then, I am hopefull to have a job that will allow me to take her to the hospital for surgery and bring her home since Dad still won't be able to to drive.

My story though is a bit different. Last year I was bit by a spider while I was in New Orleans visiting my grandparents. After a trip down to our family properity that was damaged by Katrina I got an infection in my right leg that spread from my ankle to my knee of both strep & staph and ended up in the hospital for a week for IV antibotics (two different typed since I had two different infections). Because of this I have a huge fear of spiders.

Even my younger sister had a little while where she was in and out of the hospital because she would get really sick and pass out. They found out that she had some major stomach issues (similar to Mom's) and it was causing her to get very dehydrated.

We are all thankful that we have a nurse in the family. We would be a mess otherwise.


Ness said...

Between our two famiies we could probably staff a critical care hospital! Yes, it is wonderful to have a current nurse in the family. I sat here today and wondered about going back for my BSN(I already have my BS) but knew it would be more demanding than I could handle. Still I miss the hospital atmosphere and my dream job would be to be a unit secretary/ward clerk on midnights on one of the med floors.

kim-d said...

Hey Girl! Wanted to let you know that an e-mail response will be forthcoming shortly.

And also to say that while I am very sorry that there are so many medical issues in your family, that also makes me know that I am going to school to get into a field where I can help to make a difference. That's what I want at this point in my life. And I love any and all Nurses :).

Kellan said...

I often get bit by spiders, but have never had issue with them, but often worry about the kids getting bitten by one and it turning into a problem - you hear about it so often.

Hope you had a good weekend, Steph - see you soon - Kellan

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

I think you should all live in a bubble! :)