Friday, July 25, 2008


Good Morning Everyone:

It is CONTEST TIME here at My Daily Life. I want to spice up my blog name or at least come up with a subtitle or tag line. So here is the contest---

Use your imaginations and come up with a title, subtitle or tag that you think would fit my blog.

Here are the rules:
1. All entries must be PG
2. You may enter more than once, but if you do you must post a link to the contest on your blog.
3. All entries must be dated by July 28th at 8:00 p.m. EST
4. Have Fun!!!

Sorry no major prize, but I can promise you blog bling and I might work out a surprise prize as well.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

New title:


Just kidding... will think on this and come back to wow you with my suggestions!!


Rick said...

How about "The Daily Bread"

Suzy Allen said...

Steph: I linked to your site from mojoy's. I love her latest project. I was looking at your site there were a few familiar things. I LOVE Travis Cottrell and cannot BELIEVE you got to have him at your church and the choir sing with him. HOW COOL!!! I sing in the choir at our church. I live in a small town in north Louisiana, but my brother and his wife live in Atlanta. They have TRIPLETS (girls). They go the the aquarium all the time.
I teach art and have used the "old faithful" Got Milk? slogan alot. I did tshirts one time that said: "Got Art?" SO...HERE's my contest entry:
I mean really that speaks volumes in many ways. I've never thought about that actual saying before, but now that I do...that could be a whole sermon huh? LOL
ANYWAY...cheer up. There must be a teaching job in THAT big town, I mean CITY!! We have tons here in my small town, so in a town with like 19 lanes of traffic....HELLO? I"m sure just the right thing will come along. You can check out my blog at
I'm just getting started really. My sister got the computer skills in the family. Sorry this was so long.

Ness said...

My Daily Life
~It's not for the faint of heart~

Really, I like the one that said Got Life? that was posted before mine.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

hope all is well with your grandma hugs and prayers for her!

I actually like my daily life but i think under it I woudl have to be silly and say something like but I can't make it daily or some goofy something... I am not too good with stuff like this.

have fun with your contest and I am sure someone will come up with something cool...
hhugs Laura

Laura ~Peach~ said...

since i read comments AFTER posting I like GOT LIFE too!

kimmy said...

How about:

"Sit back, relax and stay for a while. I'll tell you all about it."