Monday, July 28, 2008

Contest Ends Tonight

********CONTEST IS OVER********** The Winner will posted tomorrow!!!!

*****Reminder**** My contest ends in a few hours!! Don't forget to get your entries in!!! I hope that you all have had a wonderful day. Today has been good but kind of busy. While I'm not working I do volunteer work every Monday at my church. Mostly I just answer the phone during the morning staff meeting, but right now we are getting ready to launch our fall programs so I was helping with some mailings. This year I’m going to be helping with the Awana’s program, of course that is unless I get a job that doesn’t allow me to continue. This Wednesday & Thursday I’m going to be volunteer at church to help with the School Board’s teacher training that we are hosting for the. I’m hoping that this will allow me to make some contacts in the school system as well as just helping my community. As long as I’m not working I love being able to do volunteer work at church and in the community.

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kim-d said...

Hi Steph!

I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to get over here to say "hi" to you, and thanks for the offer to spiff up my blog. I very probably will take you up on that as soon as I can settle down a bit and get my wits about me! Bear with me for a while, okay? :)

And if you're still looking for suggestions on your title, here is my opinion. I would stick with "My Daily Life" since that is yours, but I think I would go with a second line subtitle-type thing...something like:

My Daily Life
...and all that it entails

Something along those lines, but feel free to think it's kind of a dumb idea...BWAHAHAHA!