Thursday, June 5, 2008

A tale of Murphy's Law - Better Known as What Else Could Go Wrong

Well Mom & Dad got back from Ft. Myers, FL on Monday and are already planning to go down again next week. Why so soon you might ask? The reason is that Murphy's law was in full effect on this trip. In fact it started in trying to get ready for the trip. The first indication that this trip might not go as planned is when they purchased a 88 truck off of E-Bay that they were told was in good shape and had to take it straight to Pep-boys in order to have it repaired enough to drive it back home. After that Dad spent over a week re-doing everything and kept finding other things wrong. If that wasn't enough after Dad had doen everything he could they took to the truck to a repair shop and they had it for another 3 day doing things that Dad couldn't do and finding even more wrong with the truck. Mom & Dad had planned on leaving on Wednesday afternoon and didn't end up leaving until that Friday at 8:00 that night. The trip down was ok, and Mom drove straight through, however since they hit the Tampa area at about 6:00 on Saturday morning they were not able to see my sister and her husband (keep count this is going to be part of the story). They finally got into Ft. Myers around 8:30 or so on Saturday morning. Needless to say, they crashed on Saturday.

This next part is hearsay....once they left town I wasn't with them for the fun anymore. I stayed home to take care of Grandma. That was an adventure all on its own. While Dad was down in Ft. Myers he had to do yet more work on the truck and fix a big truck that they are trying to sell, neither one went very well but he did get everything finished. Mom & Dad were suppose to leave town on Saturday and have dinner with my sister and her husband but that didn't happen and they planned on having lunch on Sunday (keeping count). Mom & Dad loaded up the big trailer to haul a bunch of counduit back up and other stuff and went to have the trailer weighed. Well they had too much in it and it was too heavy for the hitch, which caused another set of issues. On the way home from the weight station they had an issue with one of the bearing and it froze and bent the axle. Mind you this was Saturday night and they were suppose to have left town already. Dad did what he could in the dark to try to fix it, but didn't find out that the axle was bent until Sunday morning when he could see it better. So on Sunday afternoon, still down in Ft. Myers, after canceling lunch with my sister and planning on having dinner on Sunday night, Mom went and got a U-Haul and the loaded that to get on the road. However they didn't leave until late that night and had to cancel dinner with my sister again. With all of this aggrevation they never did get to see my sister and her husband - even with 4 attempts - and that was suppose to be the highlight of the trip for them.

So they are going to leave on the 10th of June and try it again. This time they are bringing down Mom's van, Gus (our rottie) and are going to try to hook up with my sister. They are bringing down Gus because he didn't do very well with both Mom & Dad being gone.

So ends the tale of Murphy's law. Hope it made you laugh, because it made up want to scream.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Doesn't sound the least bit fun. :(


kimmy said...

Hopefully they have better luck on the 10th...geesh!


Kellan said...

Yes - I hope things go a lot better on the 10th and they are finally able to meet up with your sister. What a trip!!

Have a good weekend, Steph - see you - Kellan

Laura ~Peach~ said...

absolutely typical I say... Darn murphy ... I hate when he hits around here.... HUGSSSSS and Hope the next trip goes batter for them!
we ate squash night before last from the garden... and peppers and cucumbers... OH MY YUMMMMM your garden looks lovely !

Ness said...

Murphy's Law indeed! And your dad doing this after not being in the hospital that long ago. I pray they have a better trip this time!

Pam said...

I didn't laugh... I felt like I could scream for you all too. That sucks big time!