Monday, April 21, 2008

It's Ness Updating for Steph

Steph asked me to guest blog for her and post an update.

Her dad is home from the hospital but in recovery mode and Steph has now taken over taxi duties for the family, thus keeping her quite the busy girl!

She's hoping to give you the full update on her Dad on Wednesday.

I came to know Steph through the blogs and consider her one sweetheart of a friend. I told her while ago that the reason she doesn't have a job right now is that God knew that she would be needed at home to take over her dad's driving duties until he recovers.

God is good-all the time.

Imagine how stressful it would be to have a new job and have your family needing you at home.

I know Steph would appreciate your prayers for her dad and her family while they are in recovery mode.

I feel so honored that Steph asked me to update her blog.

But I look forward to hearing from Steph herself on Wednesday.

No one can do this blog justice like Steph can.

After all, it is her daily life...:-)

And I know Steph would want me to tell you to please keep Hallie and John in your thoughts and prayers tomorrow as John undergoes surgery. I talked to Hallie briefly today and she said the last surgery was 5+ hours. I hope and pray this is the last surgery John has to go through.

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