Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Bath Day

Just something light and funny today. Yesterday & today was bath time for the little dogs. Yesterday Punkie was digging in the red dirt/mulch and had it stuck all in his front paws & all over himself. That earned him a direct ticket to the kitchen sink for a bath. Then today it was Charlie’s turn. It was a bit of challenge, because neither one of them likes getting a bath. Tomorrow I might try give Gus a bath, but that might be more than I want to handle. As it is with the two little dogs I think I ended up getting just as wet as the dogs did.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

We have NOT YET tried to give Chauncey a bath. In almost 2 years. We're afraid of him!!

Hallie :)

Thank God he doesnt smell!

Kellan said...

Funny, I just got home from taking Buddy (our Golden Retriever) to the groomer - he's so clean and pretty. Barbie (our Pomaranian) went yesterday. Must be bath week.

Take care - Kellan

Ness said...

And your address is?

I can think of 2 dachshunds that could use a bath.

Nope...just put it on the Retired Man's

Shari said...

I gave our black Lab a bath last week. It was a lot easier than the first time. Yesterday it was raining. She got another "bath".