Friday, February 1, 2008

Question to the masses

This isn't a Meme, I wouldn't know how to start one of those, but I do have a question to the masses. If money wasn't an object - let's say you just won a $100,000,000 lottery - congratulations!! :-) - what would you do? This question was posed as small talk by a friend of mine when we went out to dinner one night. I found the answers interesting and would like to pose the same question to the blogging world

For me personally, I would continue to work. I would have a traditional part-time job, but also would love to work with non-profits and help set up websites, ect. for smaller local charities to get the word out for little or no cost to the charity. I would love to spend a lot of time also volunteering at my church and other charities. Of course, I would do the traditional buy a home (I’m still renting) and a new car (mine is a 95) also. I would want to keep working because I would love to put my money where my heart is and make sizable donations to groups that I believe in. The business side of me also says to work and invest in such a way that you can live off of the interst and your income alone and leave the principal alone. You never know when you will hit a hard time or have someone in your life hit a hard time and need the money.


Lizzy in the Burbs said...

Hi, Steph!

Thank you for the kind words you left me yesterday, it helps a lot! Wow, that's a tough question you pose. Hmmmm. I guess first I would pay off all my bills and all my family and friends bills for them. I would buy my husband a truck because he's always wanted one, and I'd remodel my kitchen because it's fifty years old and in sad shape! I think I would give lots to charity and to my church, and then I'd bank the rest for a rainy day. But, the likelyhood of that ever happening to me are so slim,...I guess I'll be stuck with that fifty year old kitchen for awhile longer! :) This was a great post, really makes you think!


kimmy said...

Thanks for stopping by Steph. I still have two stuffed bears - I don't sleep with them anymore, but they are close by. One is from my childhood and the other was given to me by my husband when we were dating! You are right...some things you never outgrow!

Have a great weekend!


Ness said...

Thanks for stopping by Steph!

Let's see...I would pay off my bills and my kids bills, make sure we all had good vehicles to drive, buy myself a cabin in Colorado with property large enough to include a house to keep all rescued dachshunds in, help cancer families in any way money could help, find a cure for cancer and make sure all elderly do not have to choose between heat, medicines and food.

girlymom said...

It's Friday, I'm not supposed to have to think, hmmm~ After reading every one else's comments I think I am a copy cat, except my kitchen is much older than Lizzie's! I would pay off bills....(boring) then redo my house (and Lizzie's kitchen) and invest and save (I'm too cheap to spend it all) I would have to redo my house though because of all the children in it, I would definately be adopting a few more to add to the group. I could go on and on...the church, my family of course, a steak dinner, buy an ice cream store, donate some more, save some more. I would come up with something to replace gasoline, but then in doing so make trillions more, so I am right back where I started... My list is endless. If you are looking to give away that kind of money...keep me in mind! :) Ha.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

CJ did by shower curtain liner so he's good to go!!

I would volunteer at our local Children's Hospital and travel with my family. I would also radnomly do good deeds for people without letting them know who did it. :)