Sunday, October 14, 2012

One Year

It was one year ago yesterday that Grandma passed away.  I remember it though like it was just yesterday.  I came home from subbing before I had class at KSU.  Mom was expecting me home since I had a mid-term and she didn't want to mess up my test by telling before my exam.  I just had this had this feeling that I needed to come home first, of course I knew for certain when I came home why I felt what I did.

My sister Lisa, Maw-Maw, Paw-Paw and I
One year later, and this week was once again marked mid-terms and remembering how much life has changed this past year.  It was also once again marked with medical issues, we can't seem to get away from them.  My grandparents in New Orleans (my Father's parents) were in a car accident about 3 months ago.  My grandmother broke 5 ribs and her right wrist and was in the hospital and then rehab and finally came home the first part of September and has had home rehab and was just discharged from her doctor from all of that.  My grandfather, it appeared at the time, to have no major injuries.  However a couple of weeks ago he had to have a hernia operation, they think as a complication from the accident that just took awhile to show up.  Then this past week he had to have his prostate removed due to bleeding issues, which could have also been caused by the accident but took awhile to get bad enough for them to do surgery (they are both in their mid-80s so they don't like to do surgery if they don't have to), and then it was emergency surgery because it got bad fast.. 

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Ness said...

Steph, hugs and prayers as this first anniversary comes about. It is the hardest IMHO. Prayers for your other grandparents. Your family has had about the same 2012 as our family and personally, I'm ready for 2013! Love and hugs, Ness