Sunday, July 15, 2012

Looking for a hole

I'm looking for a hole big enough that I can crawl into and take a break from the world for a little while. My Dad is in the hospital with heart issues. We don't know exactly what is going on, we do know that his ejection factor is 40 and that normal is 55-70 and that heart failure is at 35. They are doing a stress test tomorrow, and then probably transfer him from the local hospital to Emory because our little hospital isn't equipped to handle high risk procedures and with all of his medical issues he is definitely considered high risk. This as all happened since Friday and just two weeks ago he had shoulder surgery for a torn rotator cuff. Then just today I get a text from my father (biological) to tell me that my grandparents were in a car accident and my grandmother is in the hospital with fractured ribs and a broken wrist. They need to do surgery on her wrist but her vitals aren't stable enough for them to do surgery right now. Along with the family issues, I have my craziest week with school this week.


Turtle2011 said...

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Max said...

I feel so sorry about you . Hope you and your family are doing very well . Be stronge