Thursday, March 10, 2011

Long Time.....No Post

I haven't posted since we got the major snow in January. WOW, I think I need to update more often. I wonder if anyone ever stops by here anymore.

Things around here have been crazy and boring all at the same time. Not much has changed; I'm working, going to school and working with my church. This semester I'm taking three classes online and only 1 on campus, so I'm working A LOT more since my on campus class isn't until 4:30.

At the end of February I did take a mini-vacation. I went down to Savannah for a weekend for the Georgia Chorus All-State. I substituted for my friend, who is a chorus teacher that week while she took her students down from Wednesday - Friday and then I joined them on Friday night - Sunday morning. It was a short trip, but wonderful. I have been working with this group of 8th grade students since they were in the 6th grade, so by now I'm claim them as my own. I got to watch them perform their concerts that they worked so hard for and join them for lunch and dinner on Saturday. The kids were so excited that I came and that made the 5 hours in the car each way TOTALLY worth it!!!

One of the middle school groups singing "We Are One"

Other than that the only other thing that is going on is that Dad's health is getting worse. He has been diagnosed with Vascular Brain Dementia from a complication with his arthritis, which is an auto-immune disease. He has been on the medicine for awhile, but recently it stopped working. We are noticing a rapid deterioration in his memory. Right now we just need to wait and see what happens, they don't have any other medicine that they can try and he is on the maximum dose.

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