Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I didn't post this last week, but last Wednesday we had to put Grandma in the hospital. She was sick and we thought she was just dehydrated. They ran a bunch of test but nothing seemed to show up and they released her on Sunday. Mom took Grandma to the doctor yesterday to check on a cough and to follow-up after her trip to the hospital. They discovered that she had a MINOR stoke (thank God it was very minor!!!!). The only effect from the stoke that she has is that her legs are weak, but she can walk ok with a walker!! God is so good!!! On the MRI they did find out that the blood vessels in her brain are very, very small. The doctor predicts that this stroke was just the beginning of things to come, and that she will either have another stroke or that the blood vessels will continue to shrink and cut of the blood supply to her brain and she will start to get confused and suffer from some dementia. Neither one sounds good to me.

Mom, Dad & Grandma leave tomorrow to go to Tampa to see my sister graduate with her Masters Degree Magnum Cum Laud (Lisa is the smart one in the family). I'm not going because my classes just started and I'm already swamped with homework.

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