Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I stole this idea from Kim over at **LIFEAFTER** to do Thirty Days of Thankfulness during the month of November. I'm a little late to do the full 30 days, but hey I have never been on time for anything (including my own birth) so why start now!!!

I know that I have posted similar things in the past, but today I'm really thankful for true friends. Not just people who you have a casual relationship with, although they are wonderful and we all need those people in our lives. I'm talking about the type of friends who can totally be yourself with and are always there no matter what. These are the type of friends who know you so well that they know something is up before you even say word. I'm really blessed to have people like this in my life. Some I have known for years in Tampa, and thanks to technology I still get to talk to them on a regular basis (even though I don't get to see them nearly enough); some I've "met" though this blog, don't tell me you can't form friends with people whom you have never met in "real life" I know better; and some I've only known for a few years here in Cartersville. Thank you God for my friends, you have so blessed me with them.


kim-d said...

So true, Steph, so true! I cannot imagine what life would be like without friends. Family is wonderful, but ya just gotta have those friends, too!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

oh so true :) <3 you