Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Big Decission to Make

I have to make a MAJOR decision in the next few weeks. I'm really considering changing majors, from Middle Grades Education (Math & Science) to Secondary Math Education. What I REALLY want to do is teach Middle School Math, that is it!! The problem is that I can't just do a program for Middle School Math, you either do Middle Grades with two emphasis or you do secondary in one subject for 6-12. I DON'T WANT TO TEACH SCIENCE, however I really don't want to teach Language Arts or Social Studies so Science seemed the lesser of the evils. I really don't mind teaching high school, it just isn't my first choice. You think with what I said that this would be a easy decision, however it isn't. The classes that I have to take for Secondary Math scare me to death. I have to take Calculus II & Calculus III, and as you might remember I didn't do so well in Calculus I this past summer. I don't know if I'm smart enough to pull that off. I'm going to talk to my Geometry teacher on Monday, she just happens to be the academic advisory for Secondary Math Education. When I e-mailed her that I wanted to talk to her about this her response was "Yay! I was going to try to recruit you!", so she thinks I can do it anyway!!!

I know most of you probably don't care and for those of you who are actually interested in my schooling (first of all THANK YOU) this still probably didn't make much sense. However I needed to lay it all out there so that I can start to sort though all of this.


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