Monday, October 26, 2009

Big Decision Made

Well I made my decision. I'm going to get my degree in Secondary Math Education. This means that I will be certified to teach 6-12 grade math and I will do a add-on that will allow me to teach 6-12 grade Business Technology. Calculus II & III here I come!!!! After talking with my adviser (who just so happens to be my Geometry professor) today I knew that this is the right choice for me. I only have 3 more classes to take by switching my major than I would if I finished MGE (math & science) and I don't want to take the science classes and I wasn't going to take the certification exam in science because I really don't want to teach science, so that seemed like a HUGE WASTE OF TIME!!! I much rather spend my time doing something I enjoy, and I enjoy math -- to me is like solving a big puzzle!!!! I know, I'm weird!!!!

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