Thursday, April 30, 2009

God Still is in the business of answering prayers

For those of you who still read here on a daily basis, you know that my school schedule was going to be INSANE. I was going to take 17 credit hours in an 8 week session, which means that I would be attending class 34 hours a week. I didn't see any way around it, so I was trully praying for strenght to endure it. However during orientation I got good news, I'm exempt from 2 of my science classes now. Due to this bit of information, my load this summer was greatly reduced. I'm now only taking 13 hours and 3 of those I can do on the web. Which means I'm only in 26 hours of class a week, and only 20 of those will be in class at KSU. That is such an answer to my prayers (and those that I had praying for me).

Mom & Dad are in FL this week, so Grammy and I are hanging out at the house. Thankfully Mom & Dad are having a good trip. Hopefully Murphy will keep to himself and leave Mom & Dad alone.

Have a good evening.

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