Friday, January 30, 2009

My Daily Crazy Life

I'm thinking that I should change my blog name to "My Daily Crazy Life". What do you think? It seems to be a better fit for how things are going around here.

Grandma is out of the hospital and in a Nursing Home/subacute rehab. She will probably be there close to 20 days. The social worker at the hospital was able to get her to start taking her medicine. The social worker was able to go to a place that we couldn't as family, which is basically asking her what did she want to do. If she trully doesn't want to fight everything, that is fine and we can make her comfortable, but if she wants to get better and go home then she needs to take her medicine. She is still complaining about taking the medicine, but at least now she is complaining while taking the pills. The doctors also had a swallow test done and found out that she does have some blockage, she has a growth on her thryoid (we aren't testing it because she did make it clear that she does not want any more surgery or treatments - she will take the pills and that is it) which makes it difficult to swallow larger pills. I just wish she would have said something earlier, now they are getting the medicine in tablet form so that we can crush them and put them in pudding so they are easier to take.

Things are slowly improving for now. Hopefully she will continue to get stronger. This has really been a hard time for the family. Grandma has been in the hospital/rehab now for 5 weeks.


Laura ~Peach~ said...

hugs and good for that social worker! As long as grandmas wants and needs are met then it is all good. I had to make my mother decide what her wants are and then put them on paper way back before i had guardianship of her and that made me feel a million times better no matter the out come I know moms wants and so does everyone else.
HUGS and prayers to you all!

Ness said...

Glad to hear Grandma is improving. At times, doesn't it seem like things will never be straight again? Keeping all of you in my prayers.