Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Break

Well tomorrow starts the first official day of Christmas Break, mine actually started today though because teacher's are not allowed to miss the last day before Christmas break without a doctor's note so I couldn't find a sub job. It is kind of weird to have Christmas Break again. When I was working for Xerox we did get off for Christmas but it was only 2 days and I really wouldn't call that a break, especially when you compare it to the school break. I have 2 and half weeks off from school, returning January 7th. The only bad thing is that since I'm a sub I don't get paid for that time so next month's check is going to be really small. I'm hopeful though that I will be able to get a para job soon though. I have applied in another county, which is larger, to have more opportunity. Subbing has been wonderful but I would rather not have to find a temp job over the summer since I will be back in school and would rather take a bunch of classes and that will be difficult if I need to work also. I'm really praying that something will open up in my county so that I can stay close to home, but the county I'm looking in is close to the college that I will be attending so that won't be too bad.

My sister and brother-in-law are coming up on Christmas Eve to spend the holiday with us. It will be a short trip since they need to leave on Saturday to drive back to Florida to get ready for work on Monday. I SHOULD be posting between now and Wednesday, but I won't be posting while they are here. I want to cram in as much family time as I can.

Hope you are all enjoying your Christmas Season.

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Laura ~Peach~ said...

merry christmas to you all too!
hugs Laura