Friday, November 21, 2008

No Excuse - but supper random

There is no excuse for why I didn't post yesterday. For the first time since I have started to sub, I didn't have to work yesterday. You would have thought that I would have been able to get a post out, but of course I didn't. I spent the morning just chillin and resting and then that afternoon I took Grammy to Wal-Mart to get wrapping paper for Mom's Christmas gift. I just had a nice lazy day, which I needed.

Not too much is going on around here for a change, which is a good thing. Mom has to work on Thanksgiving Day so we aren't going to do Thanksgiving until next Friday. I don't think the day matters as much as the reason anyway.

It has been COLD here, at least for this southern girl. Tonight we are suppose to get down to 19 degrees. We have had white stuff on the ground most morning when I leave for work also. No it wasn't snow, at least not yet anyway, but a really thick layer of frost that makes all the open field white. I know for all those people up north this is nothing, but remember I live in Georgia for crying out loud - we aren't suppose to get this cold down here. I'm ready to pack up and head back to Sunny Florida, however they have been pretty cold as well. I HATE COLD WEATHER!!!!!

Well I have decided what I want to teach and it isn't elementary like I thought. I have decided to go into Special Education Inclusion. For those of you who aren't familiar with what that is, let me try to explain. Special Education Inclusion is where they have special ed students in the main stream classes for all or part of the day and they have a special ed teacher in the class along with the regular teacher to give extra support to those students who need it. I would also be responsible for pull out classes for students who in certain classes need a much smaller class because they can't keep up in a regular class. The reason I decided on this was because I want to be able to work with students who need the extra help and encouragement. I have subbed in these classes a lot and have really enjoyed watching what a little of encouragement and slightly different teaching style does for these kids. This kids are smart kids with some challenges to overcome, but we can teach them the tools they need to overcome them. It is so rewarding to see kids who have given up because they bought the lie that they are dumb getting excited about education because they now have to the tools to succeed. I want to be one of the people who gives them those tools so that they can follow their own dreams.

Have a good weekend.


Laura ~Peach~ said...

stop by here and pick me up on your way south this cold windy weather is INSANE and this GEORGIA gal does not like it either!
Love the music on your player :)
EXCELLENT teaching choice and I bet you will be absolutely WONDERFUL at it too!
HUGS Laura

Ness said...

I admire your choice of teaching. Roger's grandson has Asperger's autism and although he is mainstreamed, he has what is called Resource Room. I think teachers who work with those with challenges are phenomenal. It is so rewarding to work with those kids because they are so appreciative and give you more than you can give them.

kimmy said...

Have a great Thanksgiving Steph!