Sunday, August 31, 2008

As the Gulf Coast Waits

Three years ago this week, the Gulf Coast was devastated by Hurricane Katrina and they face Hurricane Gustav and the unknown of what that will bring. Even though I do not live in the area anymore, I am a native of NOLA and so this is very close to my heart. I had the opportunity to drive though Mississippi and NOLA one year after Katrina and then again the following year. The City of New Orleans is one that is filled with hope and courage in the face of the imaginable. Even though they were criticized the people of that great city came together and have rebuilt their homes and their future. I don't know if they can do it again, just the cost of insurance alone will make it very difficult if not impossible, but I do believe that if anybody can overcome it will be the people of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast.

Here are just a few pictures that I took one year after Katrina and they don't even begin to describe what I saw. There is nothing like driving by a house and seeing a big red X on the door to show where the house was cleared and seeing a number in the bottom showing that they found someone who didn't survive.


Kimmy said...

Thankfully, New Orleans was spared the full force of this storm. I hope the rest of the hurrican season is gentle with the states in the gulf and the East coast!


kim-d said...

Hey Steph! How are you doing; I'm finally getting back into the swing of things after my long Labor Day weekend up north. I like your new header...very nice! What are you up to, girl?